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Fill out the booking form below after you have read all the information on pages scheduled seminar, seminar cost. If you find difficulties with the form call us on  6949762983 to help you. Monday to Friday 10.30 – 14.30. 

Seminars are very practical therefore you must be punctual on schedule, you are not allowed to miss dates, or an hour, to leave earlier or come later. In case you miss even an hour from the seminars unfortunately we will have to cancel it for you. In this case you may take the rest of the amount back apart from the deposit which you can use for a seminar another time and apart from the expenses for each day you have participated before the cancellation, which is 30 euros a day.(seminar tuition fees for the day, manuals, books, food, etc.). There is the choice also to leave the full amount with us and do the seminar another time. The seminars are very practical and missing even an hour means missing exercises and important information to be able to carry on with the seminar. Thank for your understanding regarding this important factor.

Because early bird enrollment is helping us a lot to organize the seminar we reward you. If you place your deposit one month before the starting date oft these seminar you get a discount of  20 euro form the total amount!

Bank account for the deposit. After the deposit being placed you will receive a final confirmation email validating your participation in the seminar and other useful information. Without the deposit, just filling up the registration form, does not confirm your place in the seminar. The deposit is extracted from the total amount. If you wish, you may place the total amount of a course as well.


Name: Μαρία Τελίδου, Maria Telidou
Account number: 0026-0107-2101- 0091-3071
IBAN: GR 05026-0107-0000-2101-0091-3071


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