Maria Telidou


Maria Telidou was  born in Athens on 1971. She graduated from the University of Athens , department of Physical Education and Sports Science. She worked as a PE teacher for 6 years in  Greece and abroad. From 2000 and for the next 10 years she lived in India as a volunteer in the spiritual and charitable organization of Amma  ΑΜΜΑ, organizing eco-living environmental projects and studying the Eastern philosophies. Since 2010 also studied  ΤhetaHealing®  which is an energy healing  technique and which she is practicing it as her full time occupation. The same time NVC became another big dream for her believing that the implementation of it in  our daily lives, will contribute to the evolution of human consciousness and the love and harmony between people.

Maria since 2011 is trained on NVC and on 2016 started the 3 year process of certification from THE CENTER FOR NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION, CNVC,  Marshall Rozenberg . The seminars that she is now offering as part of this process. They are based on Maria’s personal experience and they are based on the teachigns and guidance from CNVC.

On 2016 she  started her first seminars for  adults but her aim is to educate children and teenagers and bring NVC also in schools systems. At Glyfada she having her school where her seminars are taking place throughout the year. The  same time is delivering presentation and seminars all over  Greece like Thesaloniki, Krete, Paros.

Maria’s Trainings so  far:
1.Basics of NVC – 2012 – 2014, with Giorgos Tsitsirigos ,
2. NVC in mediation – Greece, 4 days, February 2015, with Robert Κrzisnik
3. NVC for couples and families – Greece, 2 days, 20-23 February 2016 with Gundi Frank Gaschler
4. International Intensive training – Czech Republic, 9 days, 4-13 November 2016, with Frank Gaschler, Anna Mills, Kathleen Macferran, Robert Krzisnik
5. International Intensive training – Greece, 9 days, 13-22 Octomber 2017, with Gina Lawrie, Robert Krzisnik, Jeff Brown, Monica Reu


How I came to know NVC
I first read the books of NVC on 2008. That time for 10 years I was living as a permanent resintend in  South India in a big charitable organization. I was a volunteer there and I was managing an ecological center that I had created and I had 4-5 member of staff. I was amazed first by the book because it spoke directly to my heart but afterwards I was amazed even more because I saw that it changed immediately the way I was dealing and talking with my friends and staff. I could make my point to them without being afraid of getting upset my self or upset them. All the communication with anybody was so smooth and without conflicts. After I had this experience I resolved to spread the book and its teachings, teach this method and have it in my life as a way of living.

Some years later when I changed my life and came back to my native country, Greece, I was surprised to find that NVC was taught here through Giorgos Tsitsirigos and I started doing NCV seminars.  I was also happy to know that he already was translating the book in Greek.

Once again I found that when I was applying NVC to the most difficult situations for me like family issues, really this method was easily and nicely bringing me more close to my family and my self.

On November 2016 I started taking  NVC more seriously and I did my first IIT course and I registered as a certification candidate. Since then I organize seminars, lectures, presentations and practice groups regularly aiming to establish NVC in my daily life.

My first ever public presentation was an 1 hour Introduction to NVC presentation,  December 12, 2016, in Thessalonika, Greece. There was a couple with 3 children between 4 and 8 years old. That was a surprise for me. I thought that was a good sign and the best start of my journey. At the end the youngest child gave me a paper with a butterfly and the word “love” on it. Before that he said: I also have a request:  I want all the  people to help each other. I felt happy because I saw that as a blessing, from this small angel, to my path which just started.


Trainings I gave as a teacher:
1.January 2017- 2 full days seminar “Communication that Unites” the basics of NVC, Athens
2.March 2017- 2 full days seminar “Communication that Unites” the basics of NVC, Athens
3.March 2017 – 2 full days seminar “Communication that Unites” the basics of NVC, Paros
4.April 2017- 2 full days seminar “Communication that Unites” the basics of NVC, Kriti
5.April 2017-2 full days seminar “Communication that Unites” the basics of NVC, Thessalonika
6. August 2017 – 3 hours introduction to NVC, India, Amritapuri Ashram
7.October 2017- 1 hour introduction to NVC, with the topic: ”NVC at a glance”, IIT Greece 2017
8.October 2017-  30 minutes session with the topic ”The beauty of feelings and needs”, IIT Greece 2017